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Jerk Pork Rezept

Jerk Pork - traditional Jamaican recipe

Jerk Pork in Jamaica

In Jamaica, jerk pork is a traditional dish that uses pork with the rind on. When grilled, the rind often remains tender but not crispy, resulting in a rather fatty treat. Jerk chicken is therefore often the preferred choice.

Grilling jerk pork over allspice wood

In Jamaica, authentic jerk cooking is done over allspice wood, which is not available here. A good alternative is allspice berries, which are first soaked in water and then sprinkled on the hot coals to achieve the typical aroma.

Easy recipe for jerk pork

The good thing about YARDIES Jerk products is that you save a lot of time because you don't have to research recipes or buy, chop or puree all the ingredients. You can concentrate completely on preparing your jerk pork or jerk chicken. So if you've been looking for a simple recipe for jerk pork with the right grilling method for a while, you definitely have to try YARDIES Jerk.

Ingredients for 1.8 kg roast pork

2 good tablespoons YARDIES Jerk Marinade
1-2 tbsp Island Spice (optional)
If you want to top your jerk pork roast with chillies in Rasta colours, you will also need regular chillies from the supermarket in the colours red, yellow and green

Ingredients for the Jerk Grilling Method

20-30 g YARDIES Allspice (Allspice)
1-2 pieces of apple wood

Discover all the spices including the grilling method with our YARDIES Jerk it! Box

Wash chilies, remove seeds and cut into rings
Salt the neck roast. Rub the pork roast thinly with Island Spice (wear gloves). Then rub the roast thinly with YARDIES Jerk Marinade, top with chilies and marinate for 24 hours. Boil a handful of YARDIES Allspice (whole allspice berries) with water and leave to soak for several hours. Soak the apple wood in this broth for at least 30 minutes.

Jerk pork with chillies in rasta colours

Drain the allspice berries. Sprinkle them on the hot coals before grilling. Also put soaked apple wood on the hot coals.

Place the pork roast on the indirect heat.

Brush jerk pork with jerk sauce

Brush the jerk pork with YARDIES Jerk Sauce while grilling. Reduce the heat of the grill to a low setting (approx. 100-150 degrees). Grill the jerk pork with the lid on the kettle grill in this way for approx. 2-3 hours.

Use a meat thermometer to check the temperature. If the roast is getting too dark, continue cooking wrapped in aluminum foil. The recommended internal temperature for cooked pork is 145-160°F (63-71°C), depending on whether you prefer it pink or well done. It is important to use a meat thermometer to make sure the meat has reached the correct temperature.

With this simple preparation, your jerk pork will become a delicious dreadlock-colored experience that offers an incomparable explosion of flavor with the unique flavors of YARDIES Jerk Marinade and YARDIES Jerk Sauce. Immerse yourself in the world of Jamaican cuisine and enjoy the perfect BBQ with YARDIES products.


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