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Grill wood apple - smoker wood for Jamaican BBQ

by Yardies
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For the ultimate jerk flavor

1 kg apple wood

Jerk is actually grilled slowly over allspice wood. But the import of allspice wood is subject to restrictions. A good alternative is apple wood soaked in allspice. Wood can be flavored with various liquids. For the authentic jerk flavor, you need 2-3 applewood chunks and about 1/2 package of YARDIES Allspice. The allspice is first boiled with water. The water will immediately turn brown as the allspice releases its flavor. Now place the pieces of wood in the cooled broth and let them steep for several hours (maximum 24 hours). Our apple wood is part of the small and large Jerk it! Box and is cheaper there. It consists of fist-sized pieces and is specially dried for consistent grilling pleasure.

Use our grill wood for our Jerk smoking method "low and slow"