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Dutch Pot Large 32 cm - Tropical Sun

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Cook like a jamaican. Cook authentically Jamaican with the Jamaican Dutch Pot.

What is a Dutch Pot?
The Dutch Pot is a staple in any Jamaican household. The version offered here is the Jamaican version of the Dutch oven that can be bought in Europe. It is a heavy cast iron pot that is often used for cooking traditional Jamaican dishes such as curry goat, oxtail, etc. Its thick construction allows for even heat distribution for authentic flavor. Whether on the stove, over coals or in the oven, the Dutch Pot can be used to cook almost anything - stews, roasts, lasagne, cakes, brisket, bread, curries... the possibilities are endless!

Product features at a glance
Large diameter of 32 cm
Cast from aluminum
Suitable for cooking over an open fire or on/in coal

Suitable for cooking on gas and in the oven

Instructions for use
After use, clean only with boiling water and a brush without detergent. Once dry, they should then be coated with a thin layer of cooking oil to prevent rust. Dutch pots should be stored in a clean, dry place with the lid ajar or removed to encourage air circulation. If the lid is on, a paper towel should be placed inside to absorb any moisture.