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Island Spice

by Yardies
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YARDIES Island Spice: Your key to authentic Caribbean cuisine

Experience the true taste of the Caribbean with YARDIES Island Spice. Forget the exotic fruit powders like mango or pineapple that can be found in many other spice mixes. With YARDIES Island Spice you can bring the real taste of Jamaica straight into your kitchen.

Pure authenticity: Our blend contains original Scotch Bonnet chili and allspice straight from Jamaica – essential ingredients for authentic Jamaican dishes.

Handmade & high quality: Each can of YARDIES Island Spice is carefully mixed by hand to ensure the perfect balance of the best individual spices. And the best part: no sugar!

Versatile: Whether for traditional stews like brown stew chicken or beef, spicy pepper shrimp, delicious fillings for beef patties or fiery chicken wings - YARDIES Island Spice is the all-rounder you need. It also gives sweet potato fries and fries the perfect kick.

Practical & time-saving: With YARDIES Island Spice you have all the necessary ingredients for a real Caribbean feeling in one compact can. No more tedious shopping for different individual spices - just open, season and enjoy.

In the Caribbean, such spices are called "all-purpose seasoning" - and for good reason. It is your versatile companion for all occasions when you want the authentic taste of Jamaica. Be inspired by YARDIES Island Spice and conjure up delicious dishes with real Caribbean flair in no time at all.

Order now and bring the Caribbean straight to your kitchen!


Zutaten: Paprikapulver, Paprikaflocken rot, Thymian, Meersalz, Piment, Knoblauchgranulat, Brauner Roh-Rohrzucker, Muskat, Ingwer, Scotch Bonnet Chili

Inhalt: 50 g Dose

Allergenhinweis: Kann Spuren enthalten von: Nüsse, Erdnüsse, Sellerie, Senf, Sesam, Lupine, Weizen, Gluten, Soja