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Jamaican Callaloo - Tropical Sun

by Yardies
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Ital is vital! Discover the low-calorie staple of Rastafari culture

Jamaican Callaloo
In Jamaica, callaloo is part of my daily diet. Whether for breakfast (in Jamaica, hot food is normal for breakfast too), lunch or dinner. Callaloo is particularly delicious when you prepare it as a stir-fry with ackee and other vegetables. Callaloo also tastes particularly good in wraps, quiches, etc.

What is Callaloo?
Callaloo is the spinach of Jamaica. The green leafy vegetable is reminiscent of German kale and is similar to the spinach we eat in Germany. With Tropical Sun Callaloo you can prepare the typical Jamaican braised dish of the same name. It can be prepared in countless different ways and is an essential part of West Indian cuisine.

Zutaten, Nährwerte

Inhaltsstoffe: Callaloo, Wasser, Salz

Nährwerte pro 100 g Callaloo:

Energie (kj/ kcal)                                  68 kj/ 16 kcal

Fett                                                               0,0 g

Davon gesättigte Fettsäuren                        0,0 g

Kohlenhydrate                                              3,0 g

Davon Zucker                                               1,0 g

Ballaststoffe                                                  3,0 g

Eiweiß                                                           1,0 g

Salz                                                               0,6 g