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Jerk Tofu Spieße vegan

Jerk Tofu Skewers - vegan recipe

Attention veggies and vegans; today it's going to be really stuffy. If you thought jerk could only be used for meat, then you absolutely have to try these vegan jerk tofu skewers.

You need for about 4 skewers
A block of tofu
Vegetables of your choice I used cherry tomatoes, red onions and mini mushrooms
YARDIES Jerk Sauce and Jerk Marinade
Wooden or metal skewers

First, drain the tofu well between kitchen paper towels. Cut the tofu into larger cubes and the vegetables into bite-sized pieces and marinate with YARDIES Jerk Marinade and sauce for at least 1 hour. The marinade sticks very well to the outside of the tofu and the sauce is absorbed nicely into the tofu, so it's best to always use a mixture of sauce and marinade. Then you can skewer everything.

Now place in the oven and bake at about 200 degrees for 20-30 minutes.

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